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Cezanne by Himself

Door Richard Kendall

Cezanne by Himself
TitelCezanne by Himself: Drawings, Paintings, Writings
AuteurKendall, Richard
BoektypeGebonden hardcover met stofomslag
UitgeverijBoston etc., Little, Brown and Company
Jaar van uitgave1994
Samenvatting A volume on the life and work of Paul Cezanne (1836-1906), a painter whose innovative ideas of representation set him apart from his contemporaries and led the way for a new school of art. The book combines the artist's correspondence and the memoirs of his friends with a sweeping selection of reproductions of his works. One of the most influential of 19th-century artists, Cezanne exhibited in his work a concern with form and structure that presaged the development of Modernism. It was this aspect of his work that led a subsequent generation of art historians to dub him the first "post-Impressionist". Despite his artistic achievements and education, however, Cezanne was ill at ease in the cafes and salons of the Paris art world. The book aims to show show the paradoxes and contradictions of Cezanne's personality through his own writings and the reminiscences of his contemporaries, and it provides evidence of his friendships and family life.
ConditieGoed — First free endpaper sl. damaged.
Prijs€ 12,50
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