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Spirits Speak

Door Peter Stepan e.a.

Spirits Speak
CategorieAlgemeen Kunst
TitelSpirits Speak: A Celebration of African Masks
AuteurStepan, Peter & Iris Hahner
BoektypeGebonden hardcover met stofomslag
UitgeverijMunich etc., Prestel
Jaar van uitgave2005
BeschrijvingHardcover with dust jacket; richly illustrated in colot. Foldable map in color in rear.
SamenvattingSpirits Speak presents a selection of the most important African masks found in major museums and renowned private collections around the globe: an overview such as has never been compiled in this way before. Artistic mastery, charisma, age and authenticity were paramount selection criteria with only the very best examples representing each well-known mask type. An introductory essay elucidates the conceptual intricacies and varying functions of the masks and sweeps away deep-rooted misunderstandings. Enlightening commentaries offer background information about the function and origins of each mask's use within the ethnic groups from which they originate, and a foldout map places them in their original geographical context.
OnderwerpenAfrika (2)
Prijs€ 75,00
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