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The New Moderns

Door Charles Jencks

The New Moderns
CategorieAlgemeen Architectuur & Bouwkunde
TitelThe New Moderns. From late to neo-modernism.
AuteurJencks, Charles
BoektypeGebonden hardcover met stofomslag
UitgeverijThe Hague, SDU Publishers
Jaar van uitgave1990
SamenvattingJencks discussed his theories of postmodern architecture in The Language of Post-Modern Architecture (1977), which ran to seven editions. Jencks discussed the paradigm shift from modern to postmodern architecture, claiming that modern architecture concentrates on univalent forms such as right angles and square buildings often resembling office buildings. However, postmodern architecture focuses on forms derived from the mind, body, city context, and nature. In 2007, he published ‘Critical Modernism,’ the fifth edition of his What is Post-Modernism? Charles Jencks In Meaning in Architecture, 1969, co-edited with George Baird, a hypertext of leading architects and theorists commenting on each other’s texts, Jencks addressed issues of who is the ultimate user of architecture, what values should be crystallised in architecture, and what public architecture should represent. This was followed by other anthologies on semiotics. His book The Iconic Building examined trend setting and celebrity culture. He claimed that the reason that modern culture seeks the "iconic building" is because it has the possibility of reversing the economic trend of a flagging “conurbation”. An iconic building is created to make a splash, to generate money, and the normal criteria of valuation do not apply. He wrote that “enigmatic signifiers” can be used in an effective way to support the deeper meaning of the building. His book The new Moderns - It is an overview of postmodernism in which Jencks argues that postmodernism is a critical reaction to modernism that comes from within modernism itself. On March 26, 2007, the Royal Academy hosted a debate between Jencks and John N. Gray centered around the book.
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