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The Great Anti-War Cartoons

Door Craig Yoe

The Great Anti-War Cartoons
CategorieCartoons & Spotprenten
TitelThe Great Anti-War Cartoons
AuteurYoe, Craig
UitgeverijFantagraphics Books
Jaar van uitgave2009
SamenvattingThis comprehensive collection of anti-war cartoons spans two centuries, ranges across the political spectrum, and includes stunning artwork in a variety of media, with work from Francisco Goya, Robert Crumb, and Rick Griffin. For centuries, cartoonists have used their pens to fight a war against war, translating images of violent conflict into symbols of protest. Noted comics historian Craig Yoe brings the greatest of these artists together in one place, presenting the ultimate collection of anti-war cartoons ever assembled. Together, these cartoons provide a powerful testament to the old adage, "The pen is mightier than the sword," and remind us that so often in the 20th century, it was the editorial cartoonist who could say the things his fellow newspapermen and women only dreamed of, enlightening and rallying a nation against unjust aggression. Readers of The Great Anti-War Cartoons will find stunning artwork from the pens of Francisco Goya to Art Young, from Robert Minor to Ron Cobb, and from Honoré Daumier to Robert Crumb.
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