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Native American Warriors 1500 - 1890 CE

Door Chris McNab

Native American Warriors 1500 - 1890 CE
CategorieGeschiedenis Noord-Amerika
TitelNative American Warriors 1500 - 1890 CE
AuteurMcNab, Chris
BoektypeGebonden hardcover met stofomslag
UitgeverijNew York, Chartwell Books
Jaar van uitgave2016
SamenvattingWorking from entirely different traditions of combat and honor, the Native Americans' typical ambush and raiding tactics, based on indigenous hunting techniques, have often been misunderstood by European observers who used to a more direct style if warfare. Native American Warrior explores the history of Native American combat from 1500 to the late nineteenth century, encompassing the period in which North America was colonized and transformed into the United States and Canada. This book covers many different aspects of Native American warfare, including fundamental changes brought about by the introduction of the horse and firearms, the use of mounted hit-and-run tactics by the plains-dwelling Sioux the construction of the war lodges by Blackfoot Raiders, and the widespread use of camouflage and stealth tactics by tribes such as the Cherokee. This illustrated book examines the various tribes that fought both themselves and the various European colonizers across the North American continent, and how the equipment and training of the braves within each tribe developed over time. From the first contact tribes in New England to the remote tribes of the Northwest, the book examines the significant differences between how warriors actually fought, the equipment they used to fight, and the reason why such different combat techniques were used. It also demonstrates the effects of European and American technology on how Native American braves waged war. With detailed color illustrations and fact-filled accompanying text,Warriors of the Worldis the essential guide for any enthusiast for the period.
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