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Door Hugh Barty-King

RubriekWijnen & Dranken
TitelRum. Yesterday and today
AuteurBarty-King, Hugh
BoektypeGebonden hardcover met stofomslag
UitgeverijLondon, Heinemann
Jaar van uitgave1983
Samenvatting‘The people drink much of it, indeed too much, for it often laves them asleep on the ground, and that is accounted a very unwholesome thing.’ With words such as these the sugar cane spirit which 17th century English settlers in the West Indies called Kill-Divell, and then Rum, gained a notorious reputation. For press-ganged sailors unused to Caribbean heat, Admiral ‘Old Grog’ Vernon had it served with water; but the cut-throat pirate gangs led by Captain Morgan and his bloodthirsty contemporaries swilled it neat to keep them in the mood. Today rum has shrugged off its hell-fire associations, and is higher in the spirits consumption league than ever before. In this, the first book in English to tell the story of Rum in the depth it deserves, Hugh Barty-King and Anton Massed review the drink’s colourful past, and then take the reader on a conducted tour of rum producers round the world from Barbados (where distilling began some 350 years ago) and the other West Indian islands, to South Africa and India, to Mauritius, the Philippines and Australia. Here are tales of the New England Rum which wrought havoc among the red indians; of the rum punches beloved of Berlioz and Mozart, and served in decorative punch bowls in the punch houses of 18th century Britain; the Rum Runners of Prohibition; the Rum Traffic of New South Wales. The narrative is both humorous and informative, and is complemented by a mass of illustrations. There is an authoritative section on the science and chemistry of rum making; and another on the problems and controversies of marketing rum in the 1980s. Finally there is an international collection of rum recipes for cold and hot drinks, and for flavouring food, which reveal the secret of making a Mike Henry Special Jamaican Rum Punch, a Philippine Manila Flame, a Trinidad Swizzle, Barbados Shrimp Creole, London Rum Broil, Janet’s St Lucia Rum Fudge, and the rest.
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