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The Roman Barbarian Wars

Door Ludwig Heinrich Dyck

The Roman Barbarian Wars
RubriekWO II
TitelThe Roman Barbarian Wars. The Era of Roman Conquest
AuteurDyck, Ludwig Heinrich
BoektypeGebonden hardcover met stofomslag
UitgeverijPen & Sword, Barnsley
Jaar van uitgave2015
Samenvatting The history of the 'barbarian' peoples of Europe is filled with dramatic wars and migrations along with charismatic and often farsighted leaders. Inevitably, their greatest challenge was their struggle with the renowned military might of Rome. Even when outnumbered and faced by better equipped and trained Roman legions, the barbarians could inflict devastating defeats upon Rome. Though sometimes fickle in battle, the barbarian warrior was capable of reckless bravery. The Romans themselves admired the size and strength of the barbarians, which, combined with a life of hardship and intertribal warfare, made them dangerous opponents This book, however, is as much about Rome as it is about its tribal foes. Ludwig Dyck begins with the foundation of the city of Rome and follows her growth into a martial empire, complete with its pageantry and glory, its genius, its brutality and its arrogance. All this is told in a fast-paced, accessible narrative style.'Dyck has produced an engaging, well-written book that not only discusses the campaigns and leaders of the period, but also gives a detailed look at tactics, clothing and weapons as well. It is popular history at its best.' - Military Heritage Magazine 'Dyck's details of ancient battles and the people involved provide as much sword-slashing excitement as any fictional account.' - Kirkus Reviews 'Dyck has provided us with one of the few accounts of this period available to the general reader... the book is well written, researched and organized, and, above all, highly informative.' - Military History Magazine 'the writing is colourful and the focus is on a brisk narrative of the various campaigns.' - Ancient Warfare Magazine
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