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Sopwith Triplane Aces of World War I

Door Norman Franks

Sopwith Triplane Aces of World War I
CategorieVliegtuigen & Luchtvaart
TitelSopwith Triplane Aces of World War I
AuteurFranks, Norman
UitgeverijOsprey Publishing
Jaar van uitgave2004
BeschrijvingOsprey Aircraft of the Aces: 62
SamenvattingBuilt as a replacement for the Pup, the Triplane boasted a superior rate of climb and greatly improved manoeuvrability thanks to its extra wing. Indeed, when the type made its combat debut with the RNAS in February 1917, the Triplane could easily out-climb any other aircraft operated by either side. This book focuses on the aircraft whose design had a great impact on the enemy - so much so that the German High Command immediately ordered their manufacturers to produce triplane designs to counter the Sopwith fighter, the most famous of which was the Fokker Dr I. This book examines the Sopwith Triplane's history from the perspective of the aces that flew it.
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