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The Netherlands in perspective

Door William Z. Shetter

The Netherlands in perspective
RubriekGeschiedenis Nederland
TitelThe Netherlands in perspective: The Dutch way of organizing a society and its setting
AuteurShetter, William Z.
UitgeverijNederlands Centrum Buitenlanders
Jaar van uitgave1997
Samenvatting The Netherlands in perspective offers a wide-ranging contemporary picture of the country occupied by, and shaped by, the Dutch. It describes the various lines along which land and society are organized, and places special emphasis on the ways all these interact. The 20 short chapters present the physical setting and the form given to land and water, with special attention to physical planning. They go on to the many organizations of the society from commerce and education to the Dutch language, the structuring of opinion and belief in religious groups and political parties, the background in history from the origins of the nation to the most recent past. The last few chapters deal with literature cultural cooperation with Flemish Belgium and international relations, and finally, what it means to be a member of Dutch society and the question of national cultural identity. each chapter focuses on a single theme. The chapters are arranged in a sequence in which they build on each other an
Staat van het boekRedelijk — Potloodonderstrepingen en aantekeningen
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