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A companion to Africa

Door John Reader

A companion to Africa
TitelA companion to Africa
AuteurReader, John
BoektypeGebonden hardcover met stofomslag
UitgeverijNational Geographic
Jaar van uitgave2001
SamenvattingThirteen/WNET and National Geographic Television have joined forces to create a television event for Fall 2001 - Africa: Land of the Sun - and 8-hour film series showing the majesty and wonder of this remarkable land. The series will be shot on location by some of the world's best filmmakers, and will be produced in a theatrical style to underscore the epic nature of Africa's history, the splendor of it's landscapes, and the beauty and power inherent in these portraits of places, people, and animals. Scientific evidence suggests that the first humans emerged on the continent of Africa. There, our ancestors learned to stand upright, find food, and survive against predators. They developed languages and cultures and migrated to settle all the habitable land of African and eventually the entire world. Despite this primal connection, Africa remains a mysterious land; a place associated with famine, slavery, frightening diseases, and incomprehensible tribalism. An equally common image is that of a giant safari park. For millions of African-Americans, Africa is a distant homeland, placed beyond the bounds of memory by the breach of slavery. This series and its companion book will capture the geographic life story of Africa - how life evolved and flourished there, adopting a unique and complex vibrancy over time in response to the environment. This is an ecological portrait of Africa, its peoples, flora, and fauna. The series will show, for the first time, a consolidated image of Africa by presenting its diverse regions and complex history within the context of its geography - its natural wonders and ecological challenges. In doing so, the series tells one of the greatest stories on earth: the story of human evolution and human survival against remarkable odds.
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