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Hermanovce, four seasons with the Roma

Door Jarret Schecter

Hermanovce, four seasons with the Roma
RubriekAlgemeen Landen & Volkeren
TitelHermanovce, four seasons with the Roma
AuteurSchecter, Jarret
BoektypeGebonden hardcover
Jaar van uitgave2004
SamenvattingGypsies is a term bandied about like the vampire bat, conjuring images of mystery, danger, repulsion, derision and disgust. Some call them tinkers, travellers or even outcasts. They are all wrong. Their name is the Roma, a tribe that emanated from India and brought to Europe a culture infinitely alien to the people who lived there. Jarret Schecter sought to define their traditions, concentrating on the gypsy settlement of Hermanovce in Eastern Slovakia over four seasons. Rather than a voyage of love or romance, Shecter? s work is related to a singular dedication to a truth, and the reality of that truth. Jarret Schecter? s first book, Our World in Focus, was launched at the World Conference on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in August, 2002.
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ConditieAls nieuw
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