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Billy Lane Chop Fiction: It's Not a Motorcycle Baby, Its a Chopper!

Door Billy Lane

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Billy Lane Chop Fiction: It's Not a Motorcycle Baby, Its a Chopper!
Lane, Billy
Gebonden hardcover met stofomslag
St. Paul, MN : MBI Publishing/Motorbooks
Jaar van uitgave
Original black boards, silver lettered spine, dust jacket, richly illustrated with colour photographs, 4to.

Billy Lane, owner of Choppers Inc., lives, eats, and breathes choppers. Since securing a secret cache of Easyriders magazines as a young boy, Billy has equated choppers with freedom. By the time he earned an engineering degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee, he had already established himself as a promising young chopper builder. An appearance on the very first episode of Discovery Channel's Monster Garage led to a starring role in Biker Build-Off and growing fame as a chopper builder with both artistic vision and technological innovation. In this autobiography, Billy shares his life story, from running with gangsters in Miami as a younger man to becoming a celebrity chopper builder who is mobbed by fans everywhere he goes. Inside stories on his most famed bikes are include
... (Lees verder)d, as well as Billy's thoughts on those who inspired and helped him on the road to becoming a famed chopper artist and television star. The book is full-color, giving ample room for the reader to view Billy's incredible creations, featured in stunning photography by Michael Lichter. Billy's bikes are works of art on multiple levels, combining the fine art of sculpture with the pop art of incorporating found objects into the work. But they are also technological tours de force, featuring engineering that is nothing short of astounding. But there's more to life than just choppers, according to Billy. There are women, too. There's no doubt about it - the sexy lines of an old school chopper, its curvy hips, narrow waist, and voluptuous torso, are the same lines found on a beautiful woman. In addition to stories of his great bikes, the self-professed "Ladies' Man" of chopper builders shares behind-the-scenes stories and photos of his other true love, whether they were long-time girlfriends, strippers, other colorful characters in his life, or the fans who demand his autograph on their body parts at biker shows throughout the U. S. Billy Lane is the ultimate insider's look at the lifest
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