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From Plants to Products. Van Iterson Jr and useful plants in the Botanical Garden of Delft University of Technology + DVD

Door Pieter van Mourik e.a.

From Plants to Products. Van Iterson Jr and useful plants in the Botanical Garden of Delft University of Technology + DVD
Mourik, Pieter van & Veen, gerard van der
Delft, VSSD
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Plants in botanical gardens refl ect the vastness and diversity of the
plant kingdom. The Botanical Garden of Delft University of Technology
explores the plant kingdom in order to contribute to a sustainable use of
vegetable materials and products. The basis for this mission was laid by
the founder of TU Delft Botanical Garden who, in 1907 in Delft, was
awarded his doctorate with distinction and was appointed to a chair at the
age of 29: Dr G. van Iterson Jr. During his long professorship (1907-1948)
he examined the relationships between plants and their uses in numerous
ways. Now at the beginning of the 21st century his approach is proving to
be just as relevant, as is shown by the DVD film 'Growing solutions'
recently produced by TU Delft Botanical Garden. To mark the anniversa
... (Lees verder)ry of
Van Iterson Jr's appointment to his chair in 1907, it was decided in 2007
to publish a book on plants and their uses.
'From Plants to Products' is an illustrated guide to dozens of plants in
the Botanical Garden that are not only beautiful to look at but are
equally important because of their applications. Subsequent chapters
provide information on the historical background, on the relationship
between plants and technology, give striking examples of useful plants and
examine some of the particular topics researched by Van Iterson Jr. Since
current research projects in the TU Delft Botanical Garden are conducted
on the basis of his principles, no distinction between the 'old' examples
and the 'topical' cases has been made. Thus, history becomes part of the
future. References and indexes help readers to find their way in the
guide. We hope the book will inspire people to return again and again to
the garden. For the truth is, a plant only really comes to life in the
flesh, so to speak. The Society of Friends of the TU Delft Botanical
Garden, which generously sponsored the guide, supports the garden in many
different ways. In turn the Society itself looks for support. Join the
Friends when you visit the TU Delft Botanical garden!
A Word from the Dean
1. Van Iterson Route in TU Delft Botanical Garden
2. From Plant to Technology
3. Van Iterson Jr and the TU Delft Botanical Garden
4. Plants and Products
5. The engineer and the ?Äòcornfl owers?Äô
Index of plants and products
Index of common names
List of Historical Illustrations from the Van Iterson Jr Collection
About the authors of this guide
General Index
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