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Door Andrew Motion

Motion, Andrew
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Faber and Faber, London
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Andrew Motion's dramatic narration of Keats's life is the first in a generation to take a fresh look at this great English Romantic poet. Unlike previous biographers, Motion pays close attention to the social and political worlds Keats inhabited. Making incisive use of the poet's inimitable letters, Motion presents a masterful account.

''Motion has given us a new Keats, one who is skinned alive, a genius who wrote in a single month all the poems we cherish, a victim who was tormented by the best doctors of the age. . . . This portrait, stripped of its layers of varnish and restored to glowing colours, should last us for another generation.''--Edmund White, The Observer Review

''Keats's letters fairly leap off the page. . . . [Motion] listens for the 'freely associating inquiry and in
... (Lees verder)comparable verve and dash,' the 'headlong charge,' of Keats's jazzlike improvisations, which give us, like no other writing in English, the actual rush of a man thinking, a mind hurtling forward unpredictably and sweeping us along.''--Morris Dickstein,New York Times Book Review

''Scrupulous and eloquent.''--Gregory Feeley, Philadelphia Inquirer

''Brilliantly innovative, gripping, intricately researched, Motion's biography does justice to its subject at last.''--John Carey,The Sunday Times

''Engaging and convincing. . . . The trajectory of this character--from neglected and resentful child to arrogant and envious London dandy to sociopathic murderer on to an enfeebled, frightened prisoner--is indelibly imagined and drawn.''--Edmund White,Financial Times

''Motion crafts a fascinating tale as complex and compelling as if Wainewright himself had written it.''--Michael Spinella,Booklist

''Thomas Griffiths Wainewright is a dream subject for either novelist or biographer. . . . Andrew Motion, Britain's poet laureate, clearly felt that neither straight biography nor pure fiction would do Wainewright's complexities justice, and so he combined the two genres. The result is stunning. The central voice is that of Wainewright himself, reflecting back on his life. After each chapter Mr. Motion has added detailed notes that inform and flesh out the narrative, giving not only his own informed opinion of Wainewright's actions but also those of Wainewright's contemporaries and the scholars and writers who have studied him over the past two centuries.''--Lucy Moore,Washington Times

''Did he kill his servant, and possibly others as well? . . . The footnotes seem to say yes, but Wainewright adamantly argues his own case. Motion's prose is flawless, and Wainewright's voice is convincing. But in the long run, it's this ambiguity that makesWainewright the Poisoner a fascinating and memorable read.''--R. V. Schelde,Sacramento News and Review

''Who could as for a better Romantic villain than Thomas Griffiths Wainewright? . . . [The book] succeeds on many levels: as an act of ventriloquism, a work of scholarship, a psychological study, as a set of sharp portraits of famous men and an engrossing read. . . .''--Polly Shulman, Newsday

''Instead of a straightforward biography, Andrew Motion gives us Wainewright's first person, fictionalized ''confession.''--a document as circumspect, slyly reticent, and oeaginously smooth as the man himself. Splendid.''--John Banville,Literary Review

''A genuine tour de force, and on a non-fictional level, a telling portrait of a strange, intriguing and repellant man.''--Brian Fallon,Irish Times

''A marvelous literary hybrid that totters with one foot in the world of nonfiction, the other in the land of make-believe. One is alternatively swept up in Motion's dizzy imaginative pastiche, or sent crashing into a dusty stack of scholarly cogitations. . . .''--Philadelphia Inquirer

''As true a portrait of a liar as its subject could wish. Rich and strange. . . .''--Glasgow Herald
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