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How to Fix American V-Twin Motorcycles

Door Brothers Shadley

How to Fix American V-Twin Motorcycles
RubriekMotoren & Bromfietsen
TitelHow to Fix American V-Twin Motorcycles
AuteurShadley, Brothers
UitgeverijWolfgang Publications
Jaar van uitgave2009
SamenvattingOwnership of a modern American Motorcycle – no matter how good it is – requires certain mechanical skills. This new book from Wolfgang Publications covers all the skills needed to do basic maintenance and repairs on your V-twin powered motorcycle. From adjusting the clutch cable to installing brake pads, this book explains in both words and photos how to safely do your own work. Instead of taking the bike back to the dealer or shop where you bought it, roll it into your garage and get out the tools. Written by Mark and Paul Shadley, long time owners of the Shadley Brothers shop, this guide to basic repair explains not only how to repair and adjust various parts of the motorcycle, but how stuff works. Colored diagrams explain the brake hydraulics and the best way to adjust the primary chain. Additional chapters include fork overhaul, installation of shock absorbers, and alignment and adjustment of the final drive. The brothers even cover your choice of tools and any special equipment needed along the way. When you’re trying to learn something for the first time, there’s nothing like a good photo, or series of photos, that show exactly how the operation is performed. Wolfgang Publications believes that more photos make for better books, and this one is illustrated with over 400 color images. There is no such thing as a maintenance free motorcycle. Save money and gain satisfaction. Learn how to do your own repairs in your own small shop with this new 144 page book from Wolfgang Publications.
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