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Door Adam Kufeld

CategorieGeschiedenis Zuid- en Latijns Amerika
AuteurKufeld, Adam
UitgeverijW.W. Norton, New York
Jaar van uitgave1994
SamenvattingOn the eve of what may be a tumultuous change, Adam Kufeld presents a photographic portrait of this exotic land - one of the last remaining communist worlds - which is not often seen by the outside. In more than one-hundred vibrant color photographs - neon-lit nightlife in Havana; alienated youth at an amusement park; men and women, young and old, waiting on line for food; youths showing their support for the revolution by carrying posters of Fidel; religious altars in commemoration of famous saints; men harvesting tobacco - he shows us that he has no illusions about Cuba. For him it is neither a worker's paradise nor a communist hell - rather it is a land of contrasts and contradictions, of hope and resignation, of great creativity and corruption. Cuba succeeds in demystifying and humanizing the country and its people. A lively and informative introduction by Tom Miller provides a historical narrative of the country, its people, and the role that photography has played in politics and daily life.
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