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The King

Door Kader Abdolah

The King
TitelThe King
AuteurAbdolah, Kader
Jaar van uitgave2015
UitgeverijCanongate, Edinburg/London
SamenvattingAn extraordinary novel about the making of modern Iran - already a bestseller in Europe - now published in English for the first time. Will a young Persian king triumph ot succumb to the forces that threaten to engulf him, as he ascends to the throne? Kader Abdolah is author of }The House Of The Mosque{ Once upon a time there was a Persian prince. The prince had many brothers, for his father had married over a thousand wives, but Prince Naser alone stood to inherit the kingdom. As the prince ascends to the throne we lurk in his shadow to overhear the whispered intrigues and plotting of bloody battles. The weight of the nation bears heavily on Shah Naser's shoulders. Will this young king triumph or will he succumb to the forces that threaten to engulf him? Enter the court of the King of Persia . . .
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