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Dolls & Toys of Native America

Door Don McQuiston e.a.

Dolls & Toys of Native America
CategorieGeschiedenis Noord-Amerika
TitelDolls & Toys of Native America: A Journey Through Childhood
AuteurMcQuiston, Don & Mcquiston, Debra
UitgeverijChronicle Books, San Francisco
Jaar van uitgave1995
SamenvattingFor Native American children, play was also a preparation for life. By playing with the miniature dolls, tipis, sleds, spears, canoes, kachinas, and cradleboards made for them by their parents and grandparents, girls and boys learned the skills that would take them into adulthood. In time, they would pass along these skills to their own children and grandchildren. Each toy carried a unique legacy of history, tradition, design, and practical technique. Eighty-five beautiful, full-color images reveal the beauty and craftsmanship of these artifacts, while twenty-five historical sepia-toned photographs place them in the context in which they were used. Woven throughout the pictorial display are seven compelling tales that illustrate the role of toys in passing valuable lessons from one generation to the next in a culture where the wisdom of elders has always been revered. Fact-filled captions and a fascinating, authoritative text complete this remarkable volume. From Inuit carvings of dogsleds and miniature Chippewa cradleboards to Haida cedar canoes and Hopi corn maiden kachinas, the toys and dolls in these pages present a tribute to the values and artistry of Native American cultures across the United States.
OnderwerpenIndianen (Noord-Amerika) (17), Speelgoed (9)
Prijs€ 10,00
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