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The Maginot Line

Door J.E. Kaufmann e.a.

The Maginot Line
RubriekWO II
TitelThe Maginot Line. History and Guide
AuteurKaufmann, J.E. & H.W. Kaufmann & A. Jankovic-Potocnik & P. Lang
UitgeverijPen & Sword, Barnsley
Jaar van uitgave2017
Samenvatting Tracing the development of the fortifications in Europe from the end of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 to the twentieth century, this is the first comprehensive book in English on the forts of the Maginot Line, German espionage, and the German sieges during the 1940 campaign. It analyzes the reasons why the French opted for this type of defensive system, and explains how the Maginot Line presented the French Army with opportunities (mostly wasted) to regroup and mount an effective defense. Shrouded in media myth for 40 years, this study demonstrates both how the media created the myth and the truth behind the myth of the Maginot Line. At the time reporters wildly speculated about these fortifications, German intelligence agents were busy collecting data. Finally, this book relates the heroic battles waged by the forts, large and small: the tragic fall of La Ferte, the surrender of other ^Ipetits ouvrages^R after prolonged and fierce fighting, the triumphant resistance of the larger forts even in the face of the most savage artillery pounding, and the unqualified victory of the Little Maginot Line over invading Italian forces.
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