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Slightly Chipped

Door Lawrence Goldstone e.a.

Slightly Chipped
CategorieBoekdrukkunst & Boeken
TitelSlightly Chipped. Footnotes in Booklore
AuteurGoldstone, Lawrence & Nancy
UitgeverijSt. Martin's Press , New York
Jaar van uitgave2000
SamenvattingMore than a sequel, Slightly Chipped: Footnotes in Booklore is a companion piece for Used and Rare. A delight for the general reader and book collector alike, it details the Goldstone's further explorations into the curious world of book collecting. In Slightly Chipped, they get hooked on the correspondence and couplings of Bloomsbury; they track down Bram Stoker's earliest notes for Dracula; and they are introduced to hyper-moderns. Slightly Chipped is filled with all of the anecdotes and esoterica about the world of book collecting that charmed readers of Used and Rare. The Goldstones have discovered new places to buy rare tomes and new eccentric personalities along the way, and the reader will enjoy every step of the journey.
ConditieGoed — Ex libris stamp on first endpaper
Prijs€ 10,00
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