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Eminent Edwardians. Four figures who defined their age

Door Piers Brendon

Eminent Edwardians. Four figures who defined their age
CategorieGeschiedenis Europa
TitelEminent Edwardians. Four figures who defined their age: Northcliffe, Balfour, Pankhurst, Baden-Powell
AuteurBrendon, Piers
UitgeverijVintage Publishing
Jaar van uitgave2003
Samenvatting In his account of four characters, each of whose importance was global, each of them, in their different ways, 'monsters', Piers Brendon writes wittily, sharply and succinctly - and brilliantly illuminates an age. His cast is as follows: Lord Northcliffe, the creator of modern journalism; Arthur Balfour, at the centre of the British political stage for half a century, and inspirer of the Balfour Declaration which changed the face of the Middle East; Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst, founder of the Suffragettes, whose personal gentility contrasted so oddly with her violent activities; and Baden-Powell, the Boy Scout who never really grew up, but who created a movement that spread to almost every country in the world. Piers Brendon maintains that the Edwardian era has been obfuscated by huge biographies. With four shafts of superb irony he penetrates the mists.
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