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Home how-to handbook

Door Rick Peters

Home how-to handbook
TitelHome how-to handbook: Trim
AuteurPeters, Rick
UitgeverijSterling Publishing Co Inc
Jaar van uitgave2008
SamenvattingTrimming is more than just applied ornamentation: it covers up flaws, conceals gaps, creates airtight seals, and even defines the style of a house. That"s why it"s so important—and this conveniently-sized, colorful, and information-crammed fourth book in Rick Peters"s popular series helps homeowners get the know-how they need. With 325 technique photos and 75 illustrations, Peters guides novices through the tools and materials, trim styles, typical installments, and vast array of materials, parts, and products on the market. A section on projects works from the ground up, from building floor baseboards to wall frames and wainscoting, from ceiling molding and medallions to window and door details. Coverage of troubleshooting and repair shows how to diagnose and solve common problems.
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